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Special Story

May 2012

Decoding the compelling vision
Andreas Raharso (Director – Global R&D, Centre for Strategic Execution, Hay Group) talks about the traits of a good leader and the styles that indian leaders excel in
Q. Who is a global corporate leader? What is your take on the styles that leaders adopt?

A. A global corporate leader is one who is able to deal with a large number of decisions ....
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S. Ramachandran (GM – HRD, CavinKare Pvt. Ltd.) says leadership is ALSO about Showing Personal Credibility
Q. How have you seen the Indian leadership trend changing?

A. The first thing that I observed in my career was 15 years ago when manufacturing revolution was yet to touch the Ind....
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Dr. Manas Fuloria (Co-Founder & MD Europe, Nagarro Software) on MYRIAD CHALLENGES FACING THE Indian leadership
Q. You have consulted a lot of Fortune 500 companies in the US, Europe and India. What difference have you found in the leadership styles?

A. Leadership styles vary from one coun....
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No uniform style
Randeep Singh Sisodia (Director–HR, Amway India) says Leadership styles need to vary depending on the nationality and the people you lead
Q. You have worked with both foreign and Indian business leaders. What basic differences have you noticed?

A. Foreign leaders are generally high on collaboration and communicatio....
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Rajesh Padmanabhan (HR Head, Nissan Motor India) talks about the traits that seprate a leader from a manager in the organisation
Q. Define some of the best leadership traits that you have experienced in Indian leaders.

A. Inspiring the team by sharing vision and values is one of the key strengths of an exp....
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In full Flow
Ameera Shah (MD & CEO, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.) says a make-it-happen attitude has the potential to prevent WORK from stallING and find its way through hierarchy
Q. In the health care sector, what kind of leadership style do we generally see?

A. Leadership is an art and the kind of leadership needed for various circumstances could vary l....
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Prof. Vijayan Pankajakshan (FACULTY, L.N. Welingkar Institute Of Management Development and Research) on MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE
History has shown that there is not any particular leadership style that a person can choose to adopt for universal success and effectiveness. Leadership is contextual and contingent in its tapestry. .... Read More

The home-grown style of leadership
Raj Sharma (MD, Best Property Deals) touches on the salient aspects of the successful Indian way of running a business
Q. Leadership styles vary across the Indian sub-continent and are subject to constant change. How would you define your style of leadership?

A. Leadership is not a position but a....
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Indian Women & Leadership

With more women entering the corporate world, the workplace in india has witnessed rapid and manifold changes. What extra or unique element does a woman leader bring to the table? how different is .... Read More

Donning Different Avatars
Ashwin Ajila (Founder & MD iNurture Education Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) on the need to adopt a style that suits a leader-manager role
Management guru Peter Drucker says, “management is doing things right and leadership is doing the right things.” This is not to suggest that a good manager cannot be a powerful leader. It only means t.... Read More

Q. How would you define leadership?

A. Leadership is about commanding charge and undertaking responsibility. An effective leader should take responsibility even when he is unable....
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The leadership element
Premlesh Machama (MD, CareerBuilder, India) says Anyone with a knack for leadership can become a leader today
Often a leader is believed to be the face of an organisation. Take Apple Inc. for example – at first the company was everything that Steve Jobs stood for. Now, it stands for Tim Cook’s aspirations. Sp.... Read More

A game of Networking
Avinash Jain (MD, Arise India Ltd.) wants to take India to the soaring heights with his business acumen, clear vision AND passion
Q. How would define leadership? What kind of a leader are you?

A. Leadership is a relationship that creates positive change, be it anywhere. Through extensive travelling, intera....
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Ancient, but evolving
Ramaswamy Kavalapara (Head HR–Asia, Xchanging) says the value system that india follows drives the leadership model in the nation
Q. How do you view leadership styles across countries?

A. Historically, the typical leadership styles have been to inspire a shared vision, bring in collaboration, promote empow....
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Mould for right lead
Manish Pant (Managing Director, Luminous Power Technologies) says leadership styles change according to the demands of the situation where one has to keep a lucid approach
Q. Leadership style inspires in building a team, creating a conducive work environment, encouraging and motivating employees and leading an organisation into the profit zone. What kind of leadershi.... Read More

Being authentic!
Pankaj Chaturvedi (Executive Director & CEO, Rich Graviss Products Pvt. Ltd.) on the elements of leadership that are imperative for a good leader
Aleader with higher social competence and emotional level, besides educational qualification, is the need of the hour. Today, we need people with holistic personalities. Leadership is all about people.... Read More

Power to empower
C. Subramaniam (President–HR, Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd) says a leader must empower and give a free hand to employees to execute the assigned tasks
Q. As a leader, how do you influence the behaviour of others to achieve set organisational goals?

A. It is walk the talk. As an HR professional, I have not restricted myself just....
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Turning over a new leaf
Yeshasvini Ramaswamy (MD, e2e People Practices) on the bottom line rules to follow
We in India have a varied and dynamic workforce, with vastly different approaches to work and life. While some of them work in structured organisations that elicit a particular work ethic out of them,.... Read More

The Ownership That matters
Vaidya Nathan (Founder & CEO, Classle) says ownership is a strong performance motivator & Employee feedback helps in getting new ideas
Q. Understanding leadership and its style is important to motivate employees and achieve organisational goals. How would you define your style of leadership?

A. I envision the ki....
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