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Special Story

Hiring: Then & NOW
Zubin Mody (HR Head, IndusInd Bank) says recruitment strategy has evolved with the business needs
Q. What are the latest industry trends when it comes to recruitment and selection? How have you seen the pattern changing with time?

A. Hiring process (recruitment and selection)....
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From Just a Talent to The Right Talent
Pankaj Mittal (Director, ARCHELONS) explains the extra in a candidate that determines employee immediate future with an organisation
Steve Jobs was more than just an entrepreneur. Albeit, the co-founder, former chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc. was a visionary and left behind a mammoth challenge in the hands of his successors. Like m.... Read More

Match, Hatch and Dispatch
P. Dwarkanath (Group Director - Human Capital, Max India) explains why verification becomes important
Q. What is so challenging or complex about recruitment process?

A. One of the significant KRA of any good HR professional is the right kind of hiring. So, it is imperative that s....
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Quest for the right person
Ashish Kumar (Chief HR Officer, PVR Ltd.) says recruitment is about finding potential candidates for a job, while selection is about selecting the right person for the right job
Q. What is your recruitment strategy? How is it different from others?

A. Talent acquisition is among the most crucial tasks of human resource professionals. A successful recruit....
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Assessing Values Early
Kiranmai Dutt Pendyala (Head-HR, India, advanced micro devices) affirms that the values of a candidate must be assessed at an early stage of his or her career
Q. What areas do you see in particular while selecting a person’s profile and recruiting him or her?

A. I usually assess candidates’ behaviour through competence matrix and the s....
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The crucial move
Syed Raza (Head Recruitments, Fiserv India) on why acquiring the right talent on time is a necessity
Innovation balances the dynamic nature of the recruitment industry. Although we have improved on certain fronts, there are constraints that coexist and limit this critical function to attain its total.... Read More

More than just skills
Nirmal Singh (Founder & CEO, Wheebox) on the qualities that employers see in their candidates
Selection is the process of finding the right talent for the right job and a process of matching the organisational requirements with the skills, abilities and qualification of the candidate in order .... Read More

Building credibility
Sundararajan Narayanan (VP & Global HR Head, Virtusa Corporation) TALKS ABOUT giving people a feel of the workplace even before they join in
Talent acquisition in organisations has undergone a sea change, especially in the last couple of years reflecting on the increasingly competitive marketplace, pervasiveness of social media and stringe.... Read More

No margin of error
Saurabh Nigam (Vice- President – HR, IT & Admin, Beroe Inc.) says there is a dire need for scientific recruitment and selection process to reduce the level of subjectivity in hiring decisions
Q. Today, finding perfect talent and retaining it has become a challenge for many companies. What do you think is the ‘perfect’ recruitment and selection strategy?

A. There is no ....
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P.K. More (CEO – Mayur Ply) says it is critical and rewarding to take measured risks while looking to hire people with good track record
Q. Selection and recruitment processes play a key role in any business. What processes does your organisation follow?

A. The trade-driven practices are more based on personal con....
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How to get it right, everytime
R Nanda (Vice-President – Corporate HR, Tata Chemicals) warns against hiring that compromises either on job requirement or cultural alignment
Q. What are the procedures you follow while assessing a candidate?

A. The assessment starts from:

Pre-screening (before candidates apply): We concentrate on the q....
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Peeling the layers
K Narpat Singh (HR head, JRE GROUP of Institutions) says the delicate balance of matching expectations of a candidate with the budget is a challenge for HR
Q. Recruitment is about encouraging potential employees to apply whereas selection involves rejection of the unsuitable candidates. Do you agree?

A. No. Recruitment is about draw....
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Finding the right ‘FIT’
PROF. William “Bill” Morrissey (Author, Effective Recruitment and Selection) says effective recruitment and selection occurs when the objectives of the organisation, the business unit and the individual are satisfactorily aligned
Q.What is so complicated about the recruitment and selection process that is hard for HR to handle?

A. In the current scenario, HR professionals face many challenges, including g....
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Rapport Appeals
Sharad Pathane (Senior Manager-HR, Intex Technologies (I) Ltd) believes in maintaining rapport at each step of hiring process
Q. How would you define a talent that is perfect for recruitment? What do you see in candidates?

A. A talent that we believe should have synergic fit in our organisation, desire....
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At the core of recruitment
Shourya Chakravarty (Sr. VP & Head-HR, Aptech Ltd.) discusses how changing industry dynamics have become a recruitment challenge
HR professionals are facing challenges in the area of recruitment and selection as the job market has undergone drastic changes in terms of available talent pool, sources of recruitment, and market dy.... Read More

Hiring in new age
Rituparna Chakraborty (Vice-President, Indian Staffing Federation & Senior Vice-President, Teamlease Services Pvt. Ltd.) on new age hiring process
Hiring right is one of the most crucial aspects of running a successful business. Whether it is recruiting a front office person, a dental nurse or a design engineer; to attract the best talent, HR ha.... Read More

Tina Vas (Vice-PRESIDENT – Global HR, Collabera) says explosion of Social media is influencing recruitment trends tremendously
Q. What are the mistakes you have observed in the recruitment process that the IT sector generally commits? A. One common mistake is the lack of clear hiring focus. Often, hiring tends to be viewed as.... Read More

Understanding Gender Bias of the Era
Gender discrimination is the result of our living in a Patriarchal Society, discusses Arshiya Ismail
Asian countries have played a dominant role in projecting the male supremacy in all walks of life, we still have traces of such beliefs at our workplace. Report of the Survey of Women Workers’ Working.... Read More

Culture is the determining factor
Nalin Thakur (Group President-HR and Systems, Anil Ltd.) says an organisation has to clearly and comprehensively define and understand its culture because often the culture becomes an issue, not the talent of the candidate
Q. How has your recruitment style evolved over the years?

A. We have evolved over the years in the usage and adaption of technological advancements, but at the core, it has alway....
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Scarce in the wide world
Shiana Makhija (Chief Human Resources Officer – Reliance MediaWorks) says even reputed organisations find it challenging to hire people who fit in the culture
Q. How complex is recruitment and selection for organisation that has presence across the sectors?

A. The recruitment and selection process remains same across sectors with organ....
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Interesting Times Ahead
Meenal Sinha (Country Head, Imperial Servcorp, India) terms recruitment and selection as a number game
Recruitment and selection is a number game. The greater a recruiter’s access to a wide talent pool, the better his or her chances of effecting a ‘good fit’. An area of core focus for the entire indust.... Read More

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