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Health is wealth at office too!
The adage holds true for workplace as healthy ambience gets the best out of employees, says Dr. Nalini Saligram (Founder & CEO, Arogya World)
For decades, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have not figured prominently in the health care agenda of countries across the world. Globally, the emphasis has been on reducing the threat of communicab.... Read More

Living a dream
J Ramachandran (Director, AMET uNIVERSITY) on what inspires him to strive for excellence
Q. What inspired you to come up with AMET?

A. Shipping is like ocean offshore. With the tremendous growth in almost every sector, the demand for shipping has increased manifold. ....
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Organisational Citizenship
Dr. Y L N Kumar (Director-HR, IBS) on How to enhance productivity in Public sector & NGOs
In government organisations, some employees are extremely committed beyond expectations. They put in more than stipulated hours, do not utilise their legitimate leaves and work on holidays without cla.... Read More

The Early Innovator
Vikram Somani (Chairman and Managing Director, CERA Sanitaryware Ltd.) gives insights into the importance of standing abreast of innovation
Q. Throw some light on the initial days of CERA?

A. CERA was an innovator from the beginning. It used German made kilns and natural gas for firing – giving the products an extra ....
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It is all about talent
Vijay Anand (Vice-President, India Development Center, Intuit India) reveals the seven secrets to attract and retain the right talent
There is a famous saying, “Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There is plenty of movement, but you never know if it is going to be forward, backwards, or sideways.” In this.... Read More

Raman R. Jain (Founder & Chairman, Montex group) SAYS the Internet and gadgets do not have the personal touch that a pen has
Q. In this internet age, what potential do you see in the writing instrument industry?

A. The approach of comunication has changed to the point where Google has become the inform....
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Age, Generations and India
A study to understand the manner in which generations manifest at Indian workplaces
Generational diversity is one of the most visible forms of diversity in Indian organisations, where rapid economic growth and a large number of young entry-level professionals pose a significant chall.... Read More

Hitting the Horizon
Praveen Kumar Nedungadi (MD& COO, Incredible India Projects Pvt. Ltd.) on how the potential in the realty market allured him to start his own venture
Q. Throw some light on your professional journey and how did you land in the real estate business?

A. I started my stint with Esha International in 1984. Later, my destiny took m....
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Make it Big!
Sajith Ansar (Founder & CEO, Spice Holding Group) is driven by passion to give a new direction to the thinking of his patrons, finds diana fernandes
When strong determination speaks ‘I want to make it big’, it makes for an inspiring story of a man who introduced creative space into the corporate world. Mr. Sajith Ansar, made a success story by dee.... Read More

The Match Maker
Murugavel Janakiraman (Founder and CEO, Matrimony.com pvt. ltd.) on how he made online match making possible
Q. In 1997, Internet was a luxury in India. What was the idea behind launching BharatMatrimony.com?

A. In the year 1997, I wanted to begin a community website with a Tamilian fee....
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