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‘All pieces of the ecosystem are not Mature enough’
Ishwar Parulkar (CTO, Provider Access Business Unit, Cisco Systems, discusses the advantages of developing an Innovation Ecosystem

Q. How critical is the availablility of an ‘Innovation Ecosystem’ locally for Cisco?

A. For a company like Cisco, which is a systems company,.... Read More

Innovation Ecosystems
Ron Adner (the Associate Professor of Business Administration, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and author of the new book The Wide Lens: A New Strategy for Innovation), writes on the role of innovation ecosystems

There is a blind spot that undermines great managers in great organisations even when they identify real customer needs, deliver great products, and beat their competition to market.

Phil.... Read More

The seven things that surprise new Chief Executives
Michael E. Porter, Nitin Nohria and Jay W. Lorsch (Harvard Business School professors) write on surprises that new CEOs get at the workplace

Most of new chief executives are taken aback by the unexpected and unfamiliar new roles, the time and information limitations, and the altered professional relationships they run up against. Here a.... Read More

How to create value through M&As in a downturn?
If numbers could guarantee success, there would have been M&As happening all over. Pankaj Karna, (Partner and Head M&A, Grant Thornton India) explains how returns can be maximised even during a downturn

Q. Globally M&A trend is witnessing a fall this year by over 35 per cent to $1.579 trillion when compared to the previous year (Thomson Reuters). What, according to you, have been the m.... Read More

If something’s missing, It’d better not be HR!
Many factors affect M&A success, but HR involvement in the beginning is very critical, explains Gary N. McLean

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) have been going on from the beginning of organisational life, symbolised as well in the merger of families in marriage. In spite of its long history, however, ju.... Read More

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