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Cover Story

Training For A Turnaround
Aditi Sharma affirms that there is no time like the present for companies to strongly advocate training, learning and development opportunities for their employees, and that this reskilling is critical as the first step on the road to economic recovery

As organisational leaders search for ways to cut costs, training and development budgets appear to be one of the most common items to face the axe. Taking the axe to learning and development, without ....Read More

Don’t Waste Your Time Calculating ROI
The best way to measure ROI on training is not to waste your time and dollars trying to measure it in the first place

Having worked with organisations like Bose, Wells Fargo and PepsiCo on improving organisational performance since 1979, Mr. Mark Graham Brown is a leading expert on performance measurement and the Bal....Read More

Continuous Learning Is The Key To Success
The benefit of continuing to emphasise on training and development in a downturn is that it helps in ensuring that customer service remains differentiated

Mr. Prasanna Shankarappa says that it is very important to upgrade the skills of employees during turbulent times and hence, training becomes all the more essential. To conduct business, ultimately ev....Read More

Training For Continuous Improvement
Most organisations lose sight of logic when they cut training budgets, which results in organisational resources attacking the muscles rather than the fat

Started in collaboration with Kaizen Institute’s global headquarters in Switzerland, Kaizen Institute India deals in IQ (implementation and qualification services for Kaizen), Lean Training and other ....Read More

Get The Organisation Into Learning Mode
Recession is a good time to relook at the organisational skills inventory and pave the way for the future, identifying learning activities that are vital for employees

At Perot Systems, learning is a continuous process and they focus on creating an environment conducive for personal and professional development through continuous learning opportunities. The Perot Sy....Read More

Unlocking Value Through Training
Dr. Tad Waddington (Director-Performance Measurement, Accenture, and co-author of ‘Return on Learning’) analyses the direct, indirect and very indirect benefits of training, for individuals, organisations and even countries

In tough economic times you should not cut training, because training has benefits that are direct, indirect, and very indirect for individuals, organisations, and countries.

Direct: Scientif....
Read More

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