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Great students make a great institution
Dr. Pramod Kumar (President, International School of Business & Media) tells Sushmita Yadav about his belief in giving the students at ISB&M an open, friendly, and non-regimented environment for their overall development
Q. ISB&M is known for its student-driven functioning. How does that work at the institute?
A. We treat our students as partners in our success. Our relationship with them is open, friendly, and non-regimented. We believe that they are capable of a responsible approach; ISB&M is as much their institution and they will be interested in seeing the institute grow and feel proud about it.

We raise their expectation and aspiration in life and see that they work towards achieving it. We have created a very active student council that triggers a series of events and activities towards growth and development of students and ISB&M. We empower them and engage them. ISB&M student council handles as high a budget of INR one crore annually.

Q. B-Schools are mushrooming in India. How does ISB&M stand out among them?
A. It is not the number; very few will be competitive. We have a clear understanding of the meaning of a good institution. We act with a sense of responsibility towards our students and make continuous efforts to understand what constitutes executive competence. We are highly committed to our students and do not make false promises to them. Our students are our best brand ambassadors: If ISB&M has to be great, we have to get our students into big careers. We cannot be great without a certain percentage of them evolving as vice presidents and function heads in a short time frame. We work with them.

Q. ISB&M has a 100 per cent placement record. How does the placement cell function here?
A. At ISB&M, placement is considered as one of the core functions in the entire process. We have a full-fledged cell which handles campus placement. The placement cell is a student body which works under the guidance of the Director. At the beginning of the academic year, they work out their plans keeping in view students’ career interest, which includes job profile and industry/sector. Students also go through systematic preparation for the placement process, which they themselves organise through their professional development (PD) cell. The PD cell looks into any special learning needs that any of the students may have.

Q. An advice you would like to give to the students.
A. I want students to clearly identify what they want before they enter a college, and select the college accordingly. It is an important decision of life, and you need to do your homework well; brokers are not your best friends. Once you enter a college, seek your opportunity actively.

This interview is the first in a two-part series. Look out for the conclusion in the subsequent edition of The Human Factor.

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